Non traditional export items of bangladesh on a company

The exporters will have to work directly with the farmers, avoiding middlemen, in order to get quality products through contract growing.

PSI may be requested by the importer or required as per letter of credit. Finally, we have to remember that for reaping the optimum benefits in export sector, we must be very open-ended in our attitude.

Exporters said the government should come forward with a plan of action to increase competitiveness of local products and explore the untapped markets across the world. The process will be accelerated; and 4. They felt the need for government policy support to change the entire export scenario, including opening new missions, branding the local products, and cash support for the potential sectors.

In general, follow standard shipping practices. Knit or crochet clothing, accessories: For additional information also see: For additional information see Import Policy Order The analysis below focuses on exported products only.

However, there are certain accompanying limitations in exporting the non-traditional products like the high freight charge for long distance shipment and the duty burden of those countries. Plant Protection WingDept. Especially, the Board will examine whether bonded warehouse facilities can be extended to all export-oriented industries.

Contribution of the non-RMG sectors gradually decreased to Selected examples are shown below: It may take several forms a traditional negotiable bill of ladinga straight bill of ladingand express bill of ladingor an electronic bill of lading EBL.

In the context of the new millennium realities, it is high time to revise the whole gamut of our export policy. In the present frenziedly packed-up export context, the infinitely huge untapped potentialities of non-traditional items can definitely hold out assurances for ensuring an ever expanding export horizon for Bangladesh in the days to come.

Each package should be uniquely numbered if there is more than one shipping unit in the consignment. To cope up with this formidable marketing challenge, it is high time for Bangladesh to devise ways and means so as to pursue a fast track export promotion policy.


These contending countries with their innovative marketing mechanism and quality products have already posed a serious threat to Bangladesh in traditional items.

November 27, The government recently announced cash incentives for plastic and furniture sectors alongside the existing 14 sectors that include frozen fish, jute, textiles, light engineering, and agro-products.

May 15, by Daniel Workman by Flagpictures. Conformity Certification for Exports to Bangladesh. The countries that can successfully read the mindset of the people and correspond accordingly at the right moment can get an upper hand over others in the global export market.

Moreover, provisions will be made to allow duty-free import of packaging materials through bank guarantee; 5. A copy of the insurance certificate or the insurance policy is required to be included among the shipping documents.

Companies Not one Bangladeshi corporation ranks among Forbes Global Shipments accompanied by a PSI Certificate may benefit from faster customs clearance. Prior approval is required to import restricted goods. These exporters are also small entrepreneurs, he said, recommending that the EPB should individually sit with them to identify their export obstacles and take moves to make them familiar with the global markets.

Health service activities e.


Readymade garments and accessories are the highest earning export items of Bangladesh at the moment. Leading the declining product categories among the top 10 Bangladeshi exports was raw hides. Dr Moazzem Basket of non-traditional exports still remained limited to few items and largely dependent on few markets: Basel Convention select country for details.

The EU has yet to come out of its economic recession while problems in the Middle-Eastern countries have negative impact on exports, he cited as causes. Foreign exchange is controlled by the government through the central bank, which administers foreign exchange control through authorized commercial banks and financial institutions.

At least three 3 original, signed copies should be sent to the consignee or the agent thereof with the other shipping documents. Government will provide necessary support if any exporter wants to charter aircraft ; and 4. Besides, prices of local shrimp have been on the climb-down in recent times and competitiveness is eroding due to local currency appreciation while currencies in importing countries are depreciating against the US dollar, he opined.

Staff Correspondent Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed on Sunday said the government is laying special emphasize on mainstreaming non-traditional commodities side by side the traditional ones in a bid to boost the country’s export earnings.

Bangladesh: Import (general)

Controlled items: Banned items may not be imported; restricted items may be imported under certain conditions. See the Bangladesh Import Export Policy for details. Counterfeit products: products with counterfeit trademarks, obscene and offensive materials, horror comics, and products falsely represented as originating in Bangladesh are prohibited.

Bangladesh exports more than items, including garments, jute and jute goods, frozen fish, leather and leather goods, pharmaceuticals, plastic, furniture, ceramics, handicrafts, light-engineering products, mainly bicycle, and agricultural products like vegetables and fruits.

During the last five years the exports of Bangladesh have increased at an annualized rate of %, from $B in to $B in The most recent exports are led by Non-Knit Men's Suits which represent % of the total exports of Bangladesh, followed by Knit T-shirts, which account for %.

Bangladesh is the 50th largest export economy in the world. InBangladesh exported $B and imported $B, resulting in a negative trade balance of $B. In the GDP of Bangladesh was $B and its GDP per capita was $k.

Chowdhury expects his company to send $45 million worth garment items to Japan inup from $40 million last year. InChina granted duty-free export facility to Bangladesh for nearly.

Export incentive increased for 10 products Non traditional export items of bangladesh on a company
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