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Thus, the real question is whether Texas is constitutionally required to suspend the execution of money judgments without the posting of a bond or security. Pennzoil was the title sponsor of the Grand Prix of Houston in Pate, who had been company treasurer, was named president and chief executive officer, with Liedtke remaining chairman.

Turkish Petroleum changes name to Iraq Petroleum Company Hugh Liedtke becomes president of South Penn. Two months later, James L. Internal-combustion engines also depended on efficient lubricants, which PRC recognized in when it expanded its lube facilities and five years later formed a new company to market its lubricants, Oil City Oil and Grease Company.

Zapata soon moved offshore, creating Zapata Offshore Company and Zapata Drilling Company to pursue the oil fields then being uncovered in the gulf. Great Western United Corp. The co-branding lasted only a few years, and Cogo's switched brands to BP and Exxon in Pennzoil was the title sponsor of the Grand Prix of Houston in In this case, however, Texaco filed the action only to protect its federal constitutional right to a meaningful opportunity for appellate review, not to challenge the merits of the Texas suit.

As Justice Holmes observed: South Penn enjoyed all the benefits of membership in the Standard family of companies, including guaranteed sale of its crude to Standard distributors and refineries, ample provision of capital for expansion, and an absence of threatening competition.

Texaco filed a motion for new trial, that was deemed denied by operation of law under Rule b c. After acquiring a controlling interest in United Gas Corp.

With only modest earnings growth inthe result of an unprecedented rise in the cost of motor oil, and rising fuel costs that curtailed consumer driving, Pennzoil-Quaker State nonetheless embarked on a spate of acquisitions.

Pennzoil Company

See also Ortwein v. InPerkins Oil was designated the ConocoPhillips, 76, and Kendall distributor for central and southern Wisconsin and the northern part of Illinois including most of Chicago. Brown, Attorney General, and Ronald W.

Pate became chairman and chief executive officer of the new company, which began immediate trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Standard already controlled approximately 90 percent of the oil refining in the United States, but it had been slow to move into oil producing until the late s, at which time it bought up a large number of ground leases in the Pennsylvania oil region and created South Penn to work them.

Pennzoil is also an official long-term recommended motorcycle engine oil of Ducati for motorcycles in United States. In the s, Pennzoil gas experienced a bit of a revival when Pittsburgh area convenience store chain Cogo's began co-branding themselves with Pennzoil.

In resolving that challenge, the Court need not decide any issue either actually litigated in the Texas courts or inextricably intertwined with issues so litigated. The early oil industry was volatile, in more ways than one.

The District Court rejected all of these arguments. Texaco has failed to demonstrate that Texas courts would not construe the phrase "otherwise provided by law" to encompass claims made under the Federal Constitution.

But it is similarly wrong to approach this case as one involving an absolute deprivation of the opportunity to appeal. While Texaco cannot, consistent with due process and equal protection, be arbitrarily denied the right to a meaningful opportunity to be heard on appeal, this right can be adequately vindicated even if Texaco were forced to file for bankruptcy.

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There is no occasion to decide if abstention would have been proper unless the District Court had jurisdiction. On February 12 of this year, the Texas Court of Appeals substantially affirmed the judgment. According to the Texas Supreme Court, the provision "guarantees all litigants. The Texas Court of Appeals upheld the jury verdict, but found that the trial court had abused its discretion by not suggesting a remittitur reduction of damages.

Kuwait National Petroleum Company established as a shareholder company owned by the government and the private sector The principal issue in this case is whether a federal district court lawfully may enjoin a plaintiff who has prevailed in a trial in state court from executing the judgment in its favor pending appeal of that judgment to a state appellate court.

In light of this demonstrable and longstanding commitment of the Texas Supreme Court to provide [ U. Our chain has grown to over 80 stores, operating in the Raleigh-Durham metro market, the Piedmont-Triad area, and throughout eastern North Carolina.

Pennzoil-Quaker State Company manufactures and distributes lubricants and car care products. The Company offers products such as motor oil, filters and cleaners, engine oils, antifreeze and Location: Milan Street, SuiteHouston, TXUnited States.

ORDERED that defendant, Pennzoil Company, its employees, agents, attorneys and servants, and all persons in active concert or participation with them who receive actual notice of this Order by personal service or otherwise, are jointly and severally enjoined and restrained, pending the trial and ultimate disposition of this action, or the.

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Pennzoil—whether you're taking care of your passenger vehicle, or maintaining a high-performance racing engine. Find the product that's right for your engine. The architectural design was the creation of Philip Johnson.

In formulating the design, Philip Johnson responded to directives from J. Hugh Liedtke, Chairman of the Pennzoil Company for a building that was dignified in appearance but not box-shaped. By Pennzoil had become a fully integrated company, producing and marketing oil and gas products internationally.

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After acquiring a controlling interest in United Gas Corp. inPennzoil was consolidated with United Gas in to form Pennzoil United, Inc., which was renamed Pennzoil Company in Pennzoil Company is a major energy company consisting of three main operating units: Pennzoil Exploration and Production Company, which has about oil and gas fields in the Gulf of Mexico and the gulf coast, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Canada, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Qatar, Australia, and Venezuela; Pennzoil Products Company, which operates two.

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